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Extreme Heat Sleeve


Thermal Velocity Extreme Heat Sleeve is an extremely high temperature resistant resin impregnated fibreglass sleeve commonly used as thermal protection for wires, cables and hoses that are subjected to continuous and extreme high temperature environments, such as engine manifolds and exhaust systems. Extreme Heat Sleeve is braided from fibreglass yarns and coated with high temperature resins. Extreme sleeve is tough and durable, maintaining its tight structure under extreme vibration, abrasion, mechanical stress and temperature variations. Extreme Heat sleeve is available in a wide range of diameters and is silver in colour. It installs easily over a variety of applications to either deflect or retain heat in environments up to 1,200F (650C).

Extreme Heat Sleeve (Silver) 6mm Diam (Price per Metre) 1mEHS/06/1/SILVER $35.32 $38.85
Extreme Heat Sleeve (Silver) 10mm Diam (Price per Metre) 1mEHS/10/1/SILVER $38.35 $42.18
Extreme Heat Sleeve (Silver) 12mm Diam (Price per Metre) 1MEHS/12/1/SILVER $39.35 $43.29
Extreme Heat Sleeve (Silver) 15mm Diam (Price per Metre) 1m EHS/15/1/SILVER $43.39 $47.73
Extreme Heat Sleeve (Silver) 20mm Diam (Price per Metre) 1mEHS/20/1/SILVER $45.41 $49.95
Extreme Heat Sleeve (Silver) 22mm Diam (Price per Metre) 1m )EHS/22/1/SILVER $47.43 $52.17
Extreme Heat Sleeve (Silver) 25mm Diam (Price per Metre) 1mEHS/25/1/SILVER $49.45 $54.39
Extreme Heat Sleeve (Silver) 40mm Diam (Price per Metre) 1mEHS/40/1/SILVER $59.54 $65.49
Extreme Heat Sleeve 60mm Black 1 MEHS/60/1/BLACK $75.68 $83.25

Customer Reviews

A Great Product That Works!
Reviewed by Jim from Townsville

I have just installed some 20mm extreme heat shield to a couple of my intercooler pipes. I could not wait so installed the shield over the still hot pipes. When finished I could NOT feel the heat of the pipes any longer, they were now cool to the touch, I am very impressed it was doing what it says so well, heat shielding! The shield also looks a million once installed. I am very pleased with this product and will be buying more.

January 2012
This review applies to the Extreme Heat Sleeve (Silver) 20mm Diam (Price per Metre) 1m version.

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