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Reflective Heat Shield

SELF ADHESIVE - EASY TO APPLY Reflective Heat Shield

Heat Shields are used in applications to protect painted surfaces, plastic parts or any other component from the damaging effects of radiant heat. Thermal Velocity Reflective Heat Shield has a high micron aluminium foil heat laminated to the outer surface making it an excellent heat shield for covering firewalls, engine components, air intakes and filter boxes lowering air temperatures and increasing horsepower and fuel economy. A special high temp adhesive backing is laminated to the underside making the product very easy to apply. Note: Not to be applied directly to exhaust system.

Reflective Heat Shield 500mm (20") x 500mm (20")RHS/500/500 $69.63 $76.59
Reflective Heat Shield 1m (40") x 1m (40")RHS/1000/1000 $140.36 $154.40
Reflective Heat Shield Tape 40mm (1.5") x 10m (30ft)HST/040/10 $59.54 $65.49

Customer Reviews

Reflective Heat Shield - motorbike fairings
Reviewed by Glenn from Sydney, Australia

Purchased heatshield to protect my motorbike's lower fairing/bellypan from engine heat. It's been 3,000km and there is NO sign of any melting, deterioration or otherwise...GREAT STUFF !!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !! (Thank you John ! Kind regards, Glenn

September 2011
This review applies to the Reflective Heat Shield 500mm (20") x 500mm (20") version.

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