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Acousta-Fil® PTX - 800ºC

Revolutionary Silencer Packing FREE POSTAGE Acousta-Fil&reg PTX  - 800ºC

Thermal Velocity are offering simply the best solution in performance muffler insulation. Acousta-fil PTX core and effect texturised yarns not only fill mufflers with highly sound absorbent, high heat resistant material but the revolutionary construction of the material ensures the mufflers are filled to their maximum capacity. PTX yarn is unique in that it is made with a blend of Advantex and Powertex fibres, both of which have a proven track record in automotive silencer applications. Product available in a range of widths to suit different silencer lengths and can be cut to exact width with ease.

Acousta-Fil® PTX Infil 300mm Wide x 1m LengthAFIL/PTX/1000/300 $48.44 $53.28
Acousta-Fil® PTX Infil 400mm Wide x 1m LengthAFIL/PTX/1000/400 $49.45 $54.39
Acousta-Fil® PTX Infil 450mm Wide x 1 m LengthAFIL/PTX/1000/450 $55.50 $61.05
Acousta-Fil® PTX Infil 500mm Wide x 1m LengthAFIL/PTX/1000/500 $59.54 $65.49
Acousta-Fil® PTX Infil 600mm Wide x 1m LengthAFIL/PTX/1000/600 $69.63 $76.59

Customer Reviews

muffler packing
Reviewed by sean moore from Central Coast

I bought this product after purchasing aftermarket mufflers for my motorcycle which turned out to be too loud for my liking, I removed the baffles and wrapped them with Acoustafil. 80cm as per instructions, the result was a much more subdued sound, I am very happy to have found this product.
thank you.

April 2012
This review applies to the Acousta-Fil® PTX Infil 300mm Wide x 1m Length version.

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