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Magma Wrap


Our revolutionary Magma wrap is engineered from aerospace grade yarns manufactured from volcanic lava fibres which withstand 1800F (980C) direct / 2500F (1370C) radiant heat and are 25% stronger than standard E glass exhaust wrap. Our specialist weave construction ensures the best thermal coverage compared with competitors as well as a smooth carbon fibre look. No need to 'wet' out or apply high temp silicone sealing sprays.

+ 10 X Stainless Steel Ties included.

1 Metre of wrap will cover approx 20cm of pipe. This is a rough approximate and dependant on curvature and diameter of pipe.

Magma Wrap 30mm (1.2") x 10m (30ft) + 10 X SST MAGWRAP/30/10 $69.63 $76.59
Magma Wrap 50mm (2") x 10m (30ft) + 10 X SST MAGWRAP/50/10 $87.79 $96.57
Magma Wrap 50mm (2") x 20m (65ft) + 10 X SST MAGWRAP/50/20 $131.18 $144.30
Magma Wrap 50mm (2") x 30m (100ft)+ 10 X SSTMAGWRAP/50/30 $156.41 $172.05

Customer Reviews

Easy to use
Reviewed by Christopher Wilson from Sydney Australia

Great wrap... Have used and Magma is easy to use.... Make sure get the line set from the very start.... keep the bends tight and even.... This will ensure it will look awesome
Function is outstanding .. Makes massive difference to engine bay and on my bikes has saved my gear, and legs many times over

I recommend these guys products 100%
Will be back for more!

December 2014
magma wrap
Reviewed by craig seaton from Tasmania

Awesome product so thankful i stumbled over this site i have already pointed quite a few people in this direction, as the quality, price, and service is second to none not to mention how AWESOME it looks thanks again!!!!

May 2011
Looks Great
Reviewed by Andy Davies from Somerset

Excellent Wrap, Great Price and Looks Great on my Headers!

May 2010
This review applies to the Magma Wrap 50mm (2") x 10m (30ft) + 10 X SST version.

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